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A Journey To Better Health

This book was created with the intention to be a simple guide into detoxification. Detoxing is the process by which you abstain from food and substances that are toxic to the body. Detoxification, is so important now more than ever as we begin to see the long-term effects of eating a western diet, which usually includes eating a large amount of meat, processed food, and so on and so forth. As a result of eating that kind of diet, our bodies begin to breakdown and experience degenerative health conditions. Usually, what happens next as a result of developing degenerative health conditions is, your put-on medication that helps regulate your health condition. The purpose of the medication is to regulate your condition until you can get healthy and stop taking it, but what usually happens with individuals is that they stay on the medication and never do anything to better their health. This is where detoxing comes into play, it paves the way to better your health. This book aims to serve as a guide to the reader, to help them better understand what entails a proper detox and at the same time provide practical information that you can start applying today.

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